SVT Robotics Deploys Pilot at Kenco Logistics Innovation Test Lab

SVT Robotics Deploys Pilot at Kenco Logistics Innovation Test Lab

SVT Robotics Deploys Pilot at Kenco Logistics Innovation Test Lab

CHATTANOOGA, TN (October 8, 2019)Today, SVT Robotics, a company whose software platform expedites and simplifies deployment of industrial robotics, participated in the Kenco Logistics Supply Chain Innovation Test Lab expansion, deploying a pilot of the SVT software platform for the program. The grand opening event was held at the Kenco corporate headquarters in Chattanooga, TN.

Kenco Logistics, North America’s leading third-party logistics provider, invited technology and supply chain experts to the opening of the new 10,000-square-foot space to display innovative, high-impact solutions that contribute to the enhancement, accuracy, speed, and sustainability of the supply chain management and logistics industry.

“We developed the SVT platform to accelerate deployments of emerging and innovative robotics technologies into enterprise supply chain systems,” said A.K. Schultz, CEO of SVT Robotics. “It’s a pleasure to participate today and show the connectivity of our software platform at the Kenco Innovation Test Lab together with so many other innovative robotics technologies.”

SVT Robotics demonstrated their software platform, and how it easily connects with enterprise software systems and robotics technologies, including the autonomous mobile robot from NextShift Robotics, also on display at the facility.

The Innovation Test Lab will continue to provide an opportunity to connect with new and innovative robotics technologies as the lab continues to grow and Kenco continues their research, which is sure to add value and provide insight to their customers.  

Kenco executives as well as business and IT leaders were among those who participated in the grand opening.

More information about Kenco’s Innovation Test Lab and the event is available here.

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