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SVT Robotics Welcomes Miles Wells to the Team

SVT Robotics Welcomes Miles Wells to the Team

SVT Robotics is pleased to announce the hire of Miles Wells as our new Software Engineer. Miles brings to the team more than 5 years of experience in software development and architecture.

“I love working for small companies,” said Wells. “As a startup, SVT Robotics offers the most freedom which is what drew me to the company. After being here I can confidently say this is my favorite job.”

“Miles is a talented engineer, and we couldn’t be happier to him as part of the SVT team,” said Michael Howes, Co-Founder and COO / CTO of SVT Robotics.

As a full stack engineer, Wells works on advancing the web architecture of the new SVT Robotics software platform, which empowers growing companies to adopt emerging robotics technologies quickly and with lower risk.

Miles’s favorite robot of all time: “My favorite robot is Venera 13, the Soviet space probe that provided the first photos of Venus’ surface. It’s the only real “alien” planet we’ve seen from the surface, since Mercury looks like the moon and Mars looks like a mix of our moon and an Earth desert. Landing stuff safely on other planets blows my mind and, at least to me, shows the ingenuity of our species!”

About SVT Robotics

Founded in 2018, SVT Robotics is a software company that’s revolutionizing robot deployments in warehousing and manufacturing industries. SVT’s software platform enables companies to easily connect their enterprise systems to any robot or automation, in a fraction of the time, empowering them to compete in a quickly changing marketplace. Also, connect with SVT Robotics on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and

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