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Identify your use case

Use Atlas to explore supported workflows

Whether you need to automate pick tasks or expand existing technology into new workflows, Atlas is your ultimate guide to finding the automation you need.

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Select the right technology for the job

Use Atlas to find the tech you need

With hundreds of options out there, it’s tough to know what to choose. Filter solutions by your existing host system and see what SOFTBOTs are available to de-risk deployment.

Atlas Softbots
Adopt automation

A Best Practices Roadmap

Check out our best practices roadmap for automation adoption. Authored by our Co-Founder and CEO, A.K. Schultz, this roadmap draws upon his years of experience deploying over a half a billion dollars in automation.

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Gain a new perspective

Get system visibility from a single screen

Custom integrations (the industry standard) don’t typically include a single pane of glass to monitor performance of all your systems. The SOFTBOT Platform does.

Scale Sites
Maximize uptime

Reduce downtime with better troubleshooting

The SOFTBOT Platform’s alerting capabilities provide early issue detection, faster triage and swift resolution.

troubleshoot & monitoring
Get insights

Access normalized supply chain data

Save time and resources with a standard way for your team to monitor technologies. Or you can ingest the normalized data directly into your own APM or BI tools.

data streaming
Maximize uptime and gain system visibility

The story of why this global 3PL replaced existing integrations

Learn the story behind why the SOFTBOT® Platform was selected to replace existing integrations for this major 3PL.

Tools and resources

See it in action

Platform demos

Get the details you need to support the integration and deployment of automation across the supply chain.

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Case studies

Explore how our customers leverage the SOFTBOT Platform to integrate, monitor and scale automation.

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Learn how you can accelerate time to value for your customers with the SOFTBOT Platform.