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Move App with MiR and Banner Engineering

Our Move App combines wireless IoT and the SOFTBOT Platform to showcase MiR flexibility across a variety of use cases. In this demo, you will see how to automate transport missions in just minutes, new use cases for any underutilized MiR AMR, and maximize your ROI.

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IoT to Transport

In this demo, recorded live at MODEX 2022, SVT Robotics VP of Product, Nick Leonard, showcases an end-to-end robotics integration and deployment; a process that would typically take several months or more using traditional integration methods.

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Goods-to-Person Replenishment System Solution

In this demo, you’ll see how a user combines a Grenzebach goods-to-person system, a MiR AMR, and a Voodoo Robotics wireless pick-to-light device via connectors on the platform, and then introduces specific functionality features to quickly build a custom application of the combined technologies.

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End-to-End Robotics Integration

Reimagine how you deploy robotics. This minutes-long demo showcases how quickly the SOFTBOT Platform makes it possible to integrate automation — end-to-end, from scratch, at revolutionary speed without custom code. 
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Realize Automation at Warp Speed

Meet the SOFTBOT Platform! This demo showcases how quickly and easily you can deploy any automation you choose, without the need for custom code.

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