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Learn how our customers leverage the SOFTBOT® Platform to integrate, monitor and scale automation technologies.

Global 3PL Case Study

Replacing Existing Integrations to Maximize Uptime and Innovation

Learn why SOFTBOT® Platform was selected by this global 3PL to replace existing integrations. This case study features multi-point integrations with Manhattan, Blue Yonder, Addverb, Locus Robotics and Packsize and 6 River Systems, Part of Ocado Group.

Cover page for Global 3PL Case Study about why they wanted to replace existing integrations for Manhattan, Blue Yonder, Addverb, Locus Robotics, 6 River Systems and Packsize
Hagen Group Case Study

An Integration with 6 River Systems Provides a Bridge to Efficiency

Learn how the SOFTBOT® Platform provided an integration between this customer’s existing WMS and AMRs, enabling the Hagen Group to accelerate their automation plans with 6 River Systems, Part of Ocado Group.

Cover page for Hagen Group Case Study featuring an integration with AMRs from 6 River Systems
CJ Logistics Case Study

Multi-Point Integration with Blue Yonder

Learn how the SOFTBOT® Platform provided a multi-point integration with Blue Yonder WMS and deployed 5 solutions in just 12 weeks!

Cover page for CJ Logistics Case Study featuring Blue Yonder, Ox, Baylo, Fetch Robotics and more
Kenco Case Study

Rapid Deployment with Locus Robotics

Learn how the SOFTBOT® Platform accelerated Locus Robotics AMR deployment for this 3PL customer–deploying the AMRs in just 9 weeks!

      Cover page for Kenco Case Study featuring a rapid integration with Locus Robotics