See how the SOFTBOT Platform helps companies like yours


Automate at warp speed and adapt like never before.

Deploy industrial robotics to your facility with the speed and flexibility to meet real-world demands.


The SOFTBOTTM Platform eliminates long development cycles, whether you’re adding new robotics, retooling current automation, or implementing new enterprise software.

SVT Robotics - Choose your technologies with a click

Choose your technologies with a click.

From the cloud-based SOFTBOT Platform, choose any technology that meets your supply chain needs.

Once selected, configure each technology and develop a complete solution to deploy as needed.

SVT Robotics - Build custom workflows in minutes

Build custom workflows in minutes.

Drag and drop SOFTBOT connectors and features to design and build a unique solution.

Customize your workflow for an entire facility or a specific system – no code required.

Unlock the limitless possibilities of robotics within your business.

SVT Robotics - Configure and deploy as needed, where needed

Configure and deploy as needed, where needed.

Tailor each SOFTBOT for a specific site, then deploy to your on-premise or cloud location.

Once installed, the SOFTBOT Platform can be easily reconfigured for your unique automation needs.

SVT Robotics - Get real-time performance analytics

Get real-time performance analytics.

Optimize system-wide with an integrated view of performance data across all automation technologies in your enterprise system.

The SOFTBOT Platform makes it possible. And simple.

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Watch the demo to see how the SOFTBOT Platform enables never-before-seen flexibility and speed to deploy robotics in hours without custom code.