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Automate at warp speed and
adapt like never before.

Automate at warp speed with the SVT platform
Automate at warp speed with the SVT platform

Robots aren’t coming; robots are here. We’re making sure they’re connected.

The flexibility of tech-agnostic integration with the SOFTBOT® Platform gives you the freedom to deploy solutions quickly or reconfigure on the fly.

Connect once for thousands of solutions

Pre-built SOFTBOTs connected to leading automation technologies mean you can integrate and deploy any automation, robot, IoT, or productivity tool. Simply select your tech—and go!

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Create your unique workflow

Build operational workflows to meet your specific needs, no one-size-fits-all approach. Connect and create new workflows or reconfigure existing ones. You do you.

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Deploy with ease

All your connections are saved for easy, one-click deployment to your cloud or on-premises location. Once you’ve deployed, easily monitor the activity and health of any automation connected to the platform. It’s really that simple.

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Want to see it in action?

Easy just got easier. The SOFTBOT Platform accelerates automation deployment to just hours or days. Watch the demo to see what all the fuss is about.