We Have the Team

At SVT Robotics, our core focus is to develop products that make deploying enterprise robot technology quick and simple for our customers. With over 100 years combined industry experience, and even more software development and product experience, SVT Robotics has the team that's delivering the fastest, simplest way to connect any company to any robot.

Our Co-Founders

Our co-founders, A.K. Schultz and Michael Howes, have more than 30 years combined experience servicing automation and robotics, working with the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers to deploy hundreds of millions of dollars in automation in facilities across the country. Simply put, connecting businesses to robots is in their DNA.

Leadership Team

Steve Thorne

Sr. Director of Product

With 20 years of automated material handling software experience, Steve understands how things are traditionally done, and how to make them better. He manages the automation software of the SVT  platform, bringing the kind of experience that makes him a real driving force at SVT Robotics.

A.K. Schultz

Co-Founder & CEO

A.K. leads the overall company vision, and product and go-to-market strategies. He’s led the design and implementation of high-profile automation projects across multiple industries, giving him a unique understanding of customer needs and how to innovate and drive solutions that truly help to advance their business.

Michael Howes

Co-Founder, COO, CTO

Michael leads the technical and product development at SVT Robotics. As one of the innovators who brought the Warehouse Execution System (WES) concept to market, he has a proven track record of seeing needs in the industry and designing and implementing ground-breaking technology to meet them.

T.J. FanninG


With an extensive background in robotics, supply chain, and logistics, T. J. brings pivotal expertise and strategic vision to the SVT team. Combined with his notable success in sales and business ops, he’s perfectly positioned to help our customers achieve their desired systems outcomes and meet the market challenges they face.

Jim Hodson

Director of Marketing & OPS

With a background ranging from brand and product marketing to project managing design and deployment of large mobile and autonomous robotics, Jim brings unique and extensive experience working with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 technology companies to launch, market, and advance their products and services.