The fastest, simplest way to connect any company to any robot.

A single bridge between business and automation

At SVT Robotics, we reduce the need for cumbersome custom code by automating the integration between businesses and robots.

Simply put, businesses and robots connect to our platform, we do the rest.

Our proprietary technology builds a single bridge between business systems and automation. It enables rapid development and quick integration, empowering your business with harmonized data and analytics across multiple platforms.

We give you the flexibility of a manual system with the power of automation.

Traditional practices are slow and inflexible

Traditionally, implementation of robots and other automation is slow, complicated and costly. The entire process can take up to two years to complete, and the result is held together by custom code and riddled with interoperability issues. Once installed, it’s extremely inflexible and unable to adapt to changes in your business.

We do better.

Our Platform


We automate the integration process by aggregating robot tasks and distilling business tasks, all in our proprietary architecture. Companies and robots connect to SVT, we do the rest. 


It can take up to 2 years to complete the entire robot implementation process. With SVT, do it in a few months or less. Our platform enables you to rapidly integrate and develop new applications.


Our unified architecture enables cross-platform data mining and machine learning. You get the complete picture, system-wide, so you can make decisions on optimization with the right info at your fingertips.

We have the experience

Our co-founders, A.K. Schultz and Michael Howes, have more than 30 years combined experience servicing automation and robotics. They’ve worked with the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers. Connecting businesses to robots is in our DNA.


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