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Launched in 2018, SVT Robotics has a singular focus: To develop products that make deployment of automation, robots, and IoT technology quick and easy. Our SOFTBOT® Platform redefines the integration process—eliminating long development cycles and expensive, inflexible custom code—enabling clients to launch complex, multi-system deployments in just weeks. With over 200 years combined industry experience, and even more software development and product experience, SVT Robotics has the perfect team to drive the innovative solutions that will help you advance your business today, and be ready for the demands of tomorrow.

Our Why

Overseeing the deployment of over half a billion dollars in automation solutions made one thing clear to SVT Robotics co-founder, and CEO, A.K. Schultz: the lack of interoperability across disparate systems was a problem not soon to be solved by traditional integration methods. Small armies of developers working 16-hour days and often traveling away from home for weeks-long deployments was commonplace. Anyone who has worked in the industry for a decade or more has similar tales to tell. By solving the interoperability problem, we’ve given companies the ability to rapidly integrate their enterprise systems with robots and automation, enabling the speed and flexibility supply chains need now more than ever. Seamless, fast, and easily adaptable — and your IT team can take the night off.

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Meet the team of amazing people who’ve reimagined automation integration and deployments. Simply put, connecting businesses to robots is in our DNA (or code, for the Cylons out there).

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We’re helping businesses rapidly deploy the automation they need today to give them flexibility for tomorrow. Check out our awards earned to date as proof of what we can help your company achieve.

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Watch demos from the SVT Experience Center in Norfolk, VA, where we have live, production level integrations with various automation solutions using our tech-agnostic, low-code SOFTBOT Platform.

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Our company is built on a culture of curiosity and innovation that serves as the foundation of our products. If you’re ready to revolutionize the future of industrial robotics, come join our growing team!

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