Move more loads with less
downtime for faster ROI.

Our Move App combines wireless IoT and the SOFTBOT Platform to showcase MiR flexibility across a variety of use cases.

In just minutes, configure a Banner IoT device to automate transport missions by MiR, eliminating the need for your operators to configure missions on tablets or at workstations.

Combining Banner wireless IoT devices with the SOFTBOT Platform enables you to capitalize on the true flexibility of MiR AMRs. Within a few minutes of configuration, operators can trigger moves without having to find a tablet or workstation. ROI can be realized in less than two months by increasing utilization of your existing fleet without the need for more robots.
– TJ Fanning, SVP of Sales, SVT Robotics

Leverage these variations of the Move App.

Move materials with the press of a button.

With the simple press of a workstation button, operators can trigger automated materials transport. The missions and locations are preconfigured to trigger a distinct AMR mission with a specific wireless IoT device.

Use Case: Pickup From Conveyor

A MiR AMR is deployed to pick up from a conveyor anytime a load reached the end of the line. An operator presses a Banner IoT push button to trigger a transport mission to pick up at the conveyor and drop off at a preconfigured putaway location.

Trigger transport using a wireless sensor.

Use a specific IoT sensor to automatically trigger your AMR to transport payloads between preconfigured locations. Operators can track AMR usage through built-in reporting options.

Use Case: Transport Payloads Between Workstations

A Banner sensor automatically triggers a MiR AMR to transport payload between workstations when a container is placed on a cart. The MiR arrives and picks up the cart to deliver it to the proper location.

Customize your own missions and locations.

Configurable UI enables you to customize defined AMR transport tasks and locations with wireless IoT push button and sensor devices.

Use Cases: Container Retrieval and Pallet Unloading

Workstation 4 has filled a container. A Banner push button is pressed to trigger a MiR AMR to come retrieve the container and transport it to the next workstation. A pallet, tote, or material replenishment stack is automatically monitored by a Banner sensor to trigger a MiR AMR to move it to another location for replenishment or unloading.

Want to see it in action?

Easy just got easier. The SOFTBOT Platform accelerates automation deployment to just hours or days. Watch the demo to see what all the fuss is about.