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The SOFTBOT Platform Difference


Operations Cost


Volume Increase


Onboarding Time

“In a high technology environment, finding a partner that can provide a solution for today as well as the future was really a key component. SVT was able to deliver a multi-orchestrated technology solution, so we were able to bring point solutions together and really provide value to our customers.”

– Laura Adams, Vice President, TES, CJ Logistics

Integrates so quickly,

we’ll let you take the credit

With the SOFTBOT Platform, you can launch pre-built or tailored apps for your integrations as fast as you can get your tech to your customer’s site. Seamless, painless, and easily adaptable — we take care of integrations; you take the win.

Desktop screen with AppLab softbots
Desktop screen with all SOFTBOT applications screen pulled up

Deploy with a click, faster than it takes to get the contract signed

The SOFTBOT Platform quickly combines and adopts technologies to meet your customers’ business needs. Solutions deploy with one click, freeing up time for your team to get back to what they like to do – sell more.

Optimize incrementally or all at once; your customers like options

The SOFTBOT Platform is extremely flexible. Validate your tech with a pilot or facility-wide deployment. Introduce your tech when, where, and how your customers need it.

Integrations using the SOFTBOT Platform are not limited to a single deployment. We give you the power to do more projects with more customers.

No stress; let us work

out the details

The SOFTBOT Platform has pre-integrated connections for most major technologies. That means your team runs the buildout and workflow definitions, including deployment, without ever needing to involve another provider’s tech team. You may want to re-read that.

Desktop screen with the AppMonitor pulled up

Learn more about versatility and

scalability with the SOFTBOT Platform

Case Study

CJ Logistics

It started with the goal of testing three new technologies with their WMS. We were able to accomplish that and more in just 12 weeks.

White Paper

The Orchestration Ingenuity of the SOFTBOT Platform

Learn how the design of the SOFTBOT Platform enables it to rapidly and seamlessly manage the interoperability and orchestration of disparate technologies.

Case Study

Kenco Logistics

With a rapid deployment of only 9 weeks, we were able to help Kenco Logistics achieve a 400% UPH picking and 5X volume increase.

Want to see it in action?

Easy just got easier. The SOFTBOT Platform accelerates automation deployment to just hours or days. Watch the demo to see what all the fuss is about.