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This Connector manages communication between the SOFTBOT Platform and 6 River Systems Directed Picking Chuck robots. The Connector is triggered by the creation of new and updated Orders within the SOFTBOT Platform which it maps and sends to 6 River Systems as a Pick Wave. These Orders could originate directly from a WMS through a Connector outputting an entire Order, or through a SOFTBOT Feature executing logic to add routing data to an Order. This Connector also inputs various status messages from 6 River Systems into the SOFTBOT Platform which could be used to update a WMS, orchestrate commands to another edge technology, or perform other execution logic within a workflow.

Products Supported

6 River Systems Chuck

Use Cases - Ready to deploy


  • Enable a technology to move items from one location to another.


  • Enables a technology to perform picking for order fulfillment.


  • Enables a technology that sorts inventory for multiple operations such as order fulfillment or inbound putaway.


  • Enables a technology that can collect sensor data or alert users in a facility with audio or visual cues.

Use Cases - Available to build


  • Enables a technology to pack orders to prepare for outbound shipment.


  • Enables a goods-to-person system or automated storage and retreival system to facilitate storage and retreival of goods for multiple operations.


  • Enables technology that assists in shipping, such as rate-shopping, labelling, loading, or tracking.


  • Enables a technology that handles inventory receipt into a facility.
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