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The CMC CartonWrap Packout Connector serves as the CIS (Customer Information System) for CMC, allowing it to interact with any relevant host systems (e.g. WMS) or edge technologies in the SOFTBOT Platform ecosystem. The SOFTBOT handles all messaging with the CartonWrap machine allowing it to be deployed for automated packout with shipping carton creation. The CartonWrap system has two induction lines, one for single item and one for pre-consolidated multi-item packouts. CartonWrap also can support up to two automated printing stations for auto-affixed external labels. The SOFTBOT enables automated printing and application for one or both printers within the CartonWrap machine.

Products Supported

CartonWrap CW 1000

Use Cases - Ready to deploy


  • Enables a technology to pack orders to prepare for outbound shipment.


  • Enables technology that assists in shipping, such as rate-shopping, labelling, loading, or tracking.
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