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The Locus Origins Picking Connector enables Picking and Putaway workflows. Picking workflows are managed via the Pick Task domain. New Pick Tasks are pushed from the SOFTBOT Platform to Locus with various update messages going in the reverse direction. Putaway tasks are managed via the Transport Task domain. Locus polls the SOFTBOT Platform for new Putaway tasks. The the SOFTBOT Platform Locus Picking Connector creates a Transport event that can be picked up by, for example, a WMS Connector to trigger requests for new Putaway tasks. The flow then progresses back from WMS->SOFTBOT Platform->Locus using updates to the Transport Task status to provide new tasks to Locus.

Products Supported

Locus Origin
Locus Vector

Use Cases - Ready to deploy


  • Enables a technology to perform picking for order fulfillment.


  • Enables a goods-to-person system or automated storage and retreival system to facilitate storage and retreival of goods for multiple operations.


  • Enables a technology that sorts inventory for multiple operations such as order fulfillment or inbound putaway.

Use Cases - Available to build


  • Enables a technology that can collect sensor data or alert users in a facility with audio or visual cues.

Inventory Management

  • Enables any technology that will need to update inventory information.
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