Manhattan iSeries SOFTBOT® Connector

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Inbound API



This Connector SOFTBOT manages communication between Manhattan iSeries WMS and the SOFTBOT Platform for picking jobs. All communication between Manhattan and the SOFTBOT Platform are via TCP/IP. Incoming picking jobs are handled using the Order domain which can be used by downstream picking technologies. The Connector can handle new picking jobs, updates, and cancellations. The SOFTBOT Platform will provide acknowledgements to messages from Manhattan WMi as well as status updates on picking jobs as they are completed including updates on exceptions.

Products Supported

Manhattan WMi (iSeries)

Use Cases - Ready to deploy


  • Enables a technology to perform picking for order fulfillment.

Use Cases - Available to build


  • Enable a technology to move items from one location to another.


  • Enables a technology to pack orders to prepare for outbound shipment.


  • Enables a goods-to-person system or automated storage and retreival system to facilitate storage and retreival of goods for multiple operations.


  • Enables technology that assists in shipping, such as rate-shopping, labelling, loading, or tracking.


  • Enables a technology that sorts inventory for multiple operations such as order fulfillment or inbound putaway.


  • Enables a technology that handles inventory receipt into a facility.


  • Enables a technology that controls storage of goods into prescribed locations for efficiency.

Inventory Management

  • Enables any technology that will need to update inventory information.
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Global 3PL Case Study

Replacing Existing Integrations to Maximize Uptime and Innovation

Learn why SOFTBOT® Platform was selected by this global 3PL to replace existing integrations in order to:

  • Deliver multi-point integrations with Manhattan, Blue Yonder, Addverb, 6 River Systems, Locus Robotics and Packsize
  • Maximize uptime with robust monitoring and alerting capabilities while minimizing vendor support
  • Provide operational efficiency and scalability for teams to adopt innovation technologies at a faster pace
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Cover page for Global 3PL Case Study about why they wanted to replace existing integrations for Manhattan, Blue Yonder, Addverb, Locus Robotics, 6 River Systems and Packsize