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This Connector manages a TCP/IP connection with Manhattan SCALE through DIF (Device Integration Framework) to receive and send information regarding picking and packaging tasks. The Connector runs a TCP/IP server which receives and parses messages from SCALE. The Connector runs a TCP client which provides acknowledgements and updates to SCALE. Incoming jobs from SCALE relate to picking and packaging jobs. The Connector will create Orders that can be used by downstream picking technologies, e.g. 6 River Systems, and will send acknowledgements back to SCALE. Shipping label data that can be used by packaging technologies, e.g. Spark, is passed into the SOFTBOT Platform via a Signal. The SOFTBOT Platform will provide updates back to SCALE to acknowledge tasks, provide status updates for completed picking jobs, and provide container data for packaged orders.

Products Supported

Manhattan SCALE 2018

Use Cases - Ready to deploy


  • Enables a technology to perform picking for order fulfillment.

Use Cases - Available to build


  • Enable a technology to move items from one location to another.


  • Enables a technology to pack orders to prepare for outbound shipment.


  • Enables a goods-to-person system or automated storage and retreival system to facilitate storage and retreival of goods for multiple operations.


  • Enables technology that assists in shipping, such as rate-shopping, labelling, loading, or tracking.


  • Enables a technology that sorts inventory for multiple operations such as order fulfillment or inbound putaway.


  • Enables a technology that handles inventory receipt into a facility.


  • Enables a technology that controls storage of goods into prescribed locations for efficiency.

Inventory Management

  • Enables any technology that will need to update inventory information.
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