MiR Direct Robot SOFTBOT® Connector

Outbound API


Inbound API



The MiR Direct Robot Transport Connector interacts with a single MiR AMR to send new transport missions to the mission queue and to pull some data required to enable SOFTBOT Platform UI’s. Transport missions can be sent to MiR to move only or pick up and carry shelves, and messages can be sent that will be interpreted as PLC registers to allow desired behavior such as, “wait at location until signal is received”. The connector will pull map positions and available missions to validate new missions being sent and to populate some available SOFTBOT Platform UI’s.

Products Supported

MiR 100
MiR 250
MiR 600
MiR 1350
Add Ons: MiR Shelf Carrier

Use Cases - Ready to deploy


  • Enable a technology to move items from one location to another.
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