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The RightHand Robotics RightPick Connector provides integration of the RightPick technology to the SOFTBOT Platform. The SOFTBOT Connector enables sending missions to RightPick to pick items from one location to another and to provide status updates on execution back upstream. Picking instructions may come from a host system, such as a WMS, or from other business logic Features within the SOFTBOT Platform. Status updates may be used to update fulfillment status within a host system or to trigger other technologies, e.g. sending an AMR on a transportation mission. This connector enables RightHand to be deployed in various picking workflows, e.g. picking from a Goods-to-Person to a conveyor.

Products Supported

RightPick 3

Use Cases - Ready to deploy


  • Enables a technology to perform picking for order fulfillment.


  • Enables a technology that sorts inventory for multiple operations such as order fulfillment or inbound putaway.
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