SVT Robotics Connects NextShift Robotics to SVT Software Platform

SVT Robotics Connects NextShift Robotics to SVT Software Platform

SVT Robotics Connects NextShift Robotics to SVT Software Platform

NORFOLK, VA: SVT Robotics announced today a new interface connection between NextShift’s autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and SVT’s software platform, which expedites and simplifies deployment of industrial robotics.

NextShift’s fundamentally unique solution to optimizing piece-picking workflows leverages the power of autonomous mobile robots to drive a 2-3X improvement in fulfillment throughput.  NextShift’s technology is a distinctive and valuable addition to growing list of technologies connected to SVT software platform, which delivers the fastest, simplest way to connect any robot to any enterprise system.

SVT Robotics developed their software platform to bridge the gap between emerging robotics technology and enterprise supply chain systems. The new interface connection between SVT’s platform and NextShift’s AMR solution helps them reduce barriers to adoption by making it quicker and easier for customers to link NextShift’s existing autonomous mobile robot workflow software to any Warehouse Management System (WMS).

“The SVT Robotics software platform opens new opportunities for our customers to deploy NextShift technology even more quickly and with greater flexibility,” said Mary Ellen Sparrow, CEO of NextShift. “Speedy implementation means faster time to value for the NextShift solution.”

“NextShift offers a unique product, and it’s a great example of the type of technology that businesses want to be able to deploy and integrate quickly and easily,” said Michael Howes, COO/CTO and co-founder of SVT Robotics.  “We’re excited to have NextShift on the SVT platform along with our growing family.

About SVT Robotics

Founded in 2018, SVT Robotics is a software company that’s revolutionizing robot deployments in warehousing and manufacturing industries. SVT’s software platform enables companies to easily connect their enterprise systems to any robot or automation, in a fraction of the time, empowering them to compete in a quickly changing marketplace. Learn more at

About NextShift

NextShift Robotics designs and manufactures collaborative, autonomous, mobile robotic systems that increase productivity in manufacturing and distribution centers. The company was founded to revolutionize material handling for e-retailers, 3PLs, OEMs, manufacturers, and brick and mortar businesses. Our uniquely dynamic robotic technology dramatically speeds up execution and increases existing warehouse capacity. Most importantly, by transforming the nature of work, NextShift raises employee productivity, job satisfaction and safety to new levels. Learn more at