SVT Robotics Launches New SOFTBOT Connector to Voodoo Robotics Pick-to-Light System - SVT Robotics

SVT Robotics Launches New SOFTBOT Connector to Voodoo Robotics Pick-to-Light System

May 6, 2021, Norfolk, VA — SVT Robotics, whose software dramatically accelerates the deployment of industrial robotics, today announced a new SOFTBOT Platform connector for Voodoo Robotics, a leading innovator in warehouse picking automation.

SVT and Voodoo worked together to develop the pre-built connector between SVT’s SOFTBOT®  Platform and Voodoo’s Pick-to-Light system — completely wireless battery-powered modules that leverage the latest IoT technology and cloud display devices to boost picking speed and accuracy in warehouses and distribution centers.

“By connecting to the pre-built standard integrations of our SOFTBOT Platform, Voodoo’s highly-versatile pick-to-light devices can be deployed as quickly as ever-evolving warehouse tasks,” said T.J. Fanning, VP of Sales. “Mobile-cart integrated pick task management, zone-based pick or pack applications with AMR or AGV solutions, and automated pickup or replenishment by any AMR or AGV are just a few examples. The uses are virtually unlimited.”

Voodoo Robotics designed its wireless modules to easily modernize distribution centers, warehouse operations, and third-party logistics. Now, through integration with the SOFTBOT Platform, Voodoo users can expand the accuracy and productivity of their supply chains faster than ever before. For more information or to get started, talk with an expert

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