SVT Robotics’ SOFTBOT® Platform Accelerates Deployment of Vidir Vertical Lift Solutions - SVT Robotics

SVT Robotics’ SOFTBOT® Platform Accelerates Deployment of Vidir Vertical Lift Solutions

June 1, Norfolk, VASVT Robotics, whose software dramatically accelerates the deployment of industrial robotics, today announced a new partnership with Vidir, a provider of custom-built industrial and specialty carousels and automated vertical storage solutions. 

SVT Robotics and Vidir are working together to develop a pre-built connector between SVT’s SOFTBOT Platform and Vidir’s Vertical Lift Machine (VLM), which enables their customers to efficiently pick products while maximizing their use of warehouse space.  

“By connecting to the pre-built standard integrations of our SOFTBOT Platform, Vidir customers can rapidly execute orders and pick tasks from their VLM without the need for custom integration,” said T.J. Fanning, VP of Sales. “Vidir will be able to maximize deployment of their innovative retrieval solutions in only matter of days without custom code.”  

Vidir’s automated storage and retrieval systems provide smart, adaptable inventory management that maximizes density and increases productivity. Now, through the SOFTBOT Platform, the company will be able to deploy its vertical lift systems faster than ever before. For more information or to get started, talk with an expert.  

About SVT Robotics 
SVT Robotics’ SOFTBOT Platform enables companies to easily connect and integrate their enterprise systems to any robot or automation, in just hours or days, empowering them to compete in a quickly changing marketplace. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

About Vidir 
Vidir has a long history of making the world’s products safely accessible, providing solutions for loyal customers since 1986. Today, Vidir carousels are the cornerstone of the company’s success. You can find them in over 30 countries worldwide.