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SVT Robotics Welcomes Mikhail Wall to the Team

SVT Robotics Welcomes Mikhail Wall to the Team

SVT Robotics is pleased to announce the hire of Mikhail Wall as our new Senior Product Architect. Mikhail brings with him the discipline and work ethic that comes with a 15-year military career, along with the knowledge and experience of 10 years of software development.

“I’m excited and humbled to be a part of such a smart, dynamic, experienced team like SVT Robotics,” said Wall.

“We are thrilled to have Mikhail as our newest addition to SVT Robotics,” said Michael Howes, COO and CTO of SVT Robotics. “Already he’s (Wall) proven himself to be hard-working and a leader in advancing the product. Qualities that are very important to our team.”

As Senior Product Architect, Wall will work on continued development of new features and functionality of the SVT Robotics software platform, which empowers growing companies to adopt emerging robotics technologies quickly and with lower risk.

Favorite Robot: “One that works and doesn’t try to take over the world.”

About SVT Robotics

Founded in 2018, SVT Robotics is a software company that’s revolutionizing robot deployments in warehousing and manufacturing industries. SVT’s software platform enables companies to easily connect their enterprise systems to any robot or automation, in a fraction of the time, empowering them to compete in a quickly changing marketplace. Also, connect with SVT Robotics on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and

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