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SVT Robotics’ SOFTBOT Platform Accelerates Integration with Blue Yonder WMS

April 22, 2021, Norfolk, VA — SVT Robotics, whose software dramatically accelerates the deployment of industrial robotics, today announced a new SOFTBOT® Platform connector for Blue Yonder®, a leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment.

SVT Robotics worked with Blue Yonder to develop the pre-built connector between SVT’s SOFTBOT Platform and Blue Yonder’s WMS, giving SVT customers the ability to rapidly integrate and deploy Blue Yonder’s best-in-class WMS with any automation or robotics technology on the SOFTBOT Platform.

“Our customers can now deploy any automation solution on Blue Yonder’s WMS without the need for custom integration,” said T.J. Fanning, VP of Sales. “By connecting the pre-built standard integrations of our SOFTBOT Platform to Blue Yonder’s WMS, robot and automation deployment can occur in a matter of days with only configuration of business logic and no custom code.” 

“We’re excited to offer customers and partners rapid connectivity to Blue Yonder’s world-class WMS,” said A.K. Schultz, CEO of SVT Robotics. “Companies are looking for ways to quickly implement more flexible automation solutions so they can adapt to dramatic changes in supply chain demands, like we’ve seen with the pandemic, and keep workers safe.”

With more than 35 years of expertise, Blue Yonder’s digital fulfillment solutions help leading manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies create more sustainable and profitable operations. Now, through the SOFTBOT Platform, companies can rapidly connect and integrate any automation technology with Blue Yonder’s WMS faster than ever before. For more information or to get started, talk with an expert.

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